single screw and barrel

Curved rails at the base of the unit are designed to bear the weight

Curved rails at the base of the unit are designed to bear the weight of the drum as it is rolled onto its side, while a pair of secure handles allows the operator to maintain control throughout any movement.. This ensures that while the drum is being drained, it does not need to be left in a busy area.

Drum dispensers allow for the drum to be held in a horizontal position so that liquid can be drained from the barrel easily. The money that your business will save by making much better use of resources will soon offset the cost of the drum dispenser, and over time, this additional saving will manifest as an improved profit margin and higher productivity from your resources.

Thanks to a set of caster wheels on the drum dispenser, the units can be moved around easily once the barrel is held in the horizontal position.

A drum dispenser is a very specific piece of equipment that is used to assist in draining liquid from a standard drum. Once the drum is in position, the cart is stable and strong enough to support it fully without any problems. The most important thing in any working environment is to maintain absolute safety wherever possible, so having a drum dispenser on hand to assist with safely draining the contents of a drum is a great advantage. This ensures that there is very little risk of accidentally dropping the barrel in use, and potentially causing an injury. In essence, the drum is held in place at the top and bottom, and then the cart is rolled into a horizontal position. The ease with which the unit can be moved around also ensures that once the drum is finished with, it can easily be screw barrel moved to an appropriate area for disposal. There are a range of different models of drum dispenser available from many companies, and they include a number of refinements that are intended to make them as easy to use and safe as possible. Manipulating a standard 55 gallon drum can be difficult, and even when the drum is nearly empty, the weight can still be considerable.

By using a drum dispenser to tip nearly empty barrels onto their side, you will be able to get more of the contents out than if you were to use a pump alone. A drip tray is included in selected models in order to ensure that any liquid drained from the drum is fed into a secure place and does not end up on the floor.

The design of a drum dispenser is fairly simple. One of the easiest ways of reducing costs in any workplace is by getting the most out of any materials and minimizing wastage. When you are using 55 gallon drums for storage of liquids, a pump will always leave a certain amount of liquid inside the bottom of the barrel, and without appropriate equipment such as a drum dispenser on hand, this liquid at the bottom of the drum will unfortunately be wasted
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Curved rails at the base of the unit are designed to bear the weight